Understand how to identify fakes or knockoffs.

Fake designer sunglasses are everywhere, a lot of websites con buyers into thinking they have purchased their sunglasses at a huge discount. Not only can this empty your wallet but it can also be harmful to you as the knockoffs may not protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

How to tell if your Ray Ban’s are real

Check the packaged box.

The box should be made of durable cardboard and have a consistent finish. Check the frame code and series numbers that are labelled on the side of the box.

Check the case.

It should be made from real leather. This is generally black or brown in colour. If your case smells like leather then you can be assured it is legitimate. Check the brand stamp which should be positioned on the right side and also the button on the case should contain the logo.

Each purchase should include specific accessories.

Each purchase should include a certificate of authenticity, warranty card and an instructions booklet.

Look at the Frames

The frames on a real pair of Ray Ban’s will contain a serial number, name and measurements on the inside of it. This will even be present on small frames such as aviators.

Verify the logo on the Frame

Most Ray Ban frames contain the logo on the outside of the arm near the hinge. However for thin frames such as aviators you should notice the name engraved on top of the frame.

Look at the Lens

Authentic Ray Ban lenses also have an ‘RB’ etched in the lens. If you can scratch this off you have a fake.

Check the Nose pads

They should contain the letters ‘RB’ on each of the two. Also note that not every model of the Brand contain nose pads. This generally only applies to models such as club masters or aviators.

Easiest way to avoid this

Purchase them from the official Ray Ban store or a certified dealer.






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